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  1. Joshua
    Joshua says:

    2 Cor 5:13-14 says that Love compels us to do things that seems to the world like we are beside ourselves…
    so I think the ‘craziest thing’ to do to show love is SACRIFICE – it seems crazy to most people.

  2. jaimonchacko
    jaimonchacko says:

    I praise and thank God for flowing His love through me for the person whom i love,because God is the fountain of Love and it shown through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  3. Lia
    Lia says:

    pray 4 my friend who is down spirited and maybe send a text msg of 3 words everyday: you are forgiven’ smile is nice’ eat a lot’ breathe deep today’and end with ‘God is great’

  4. Jane
    Jane says:

    I would do something that i have never ever do to others. that includes, dying for the person. As how Jesus has died on the cross for us.

  5. Vivy
    Vivy says:

    I will respect him and make sure that we live according to what the bible commands of us since we are not married.

  6. Gaby Marpaung
    Gaby Marpaung says:

    I will make a love poetry for him and read it in front of the whole students at my school. Hahaha 😀


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