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  1. jake
    jake says:

    Lord, you are the reason I breath, the reason i can smile, the reason i can love others.You’re the best friend i can ever have, you’re the lover of my soul, my heavenly Father.You’re so powerful, so holy and yet you call me, an unworthy, filthy sinner to come into a relationship with you and one day, i will see you, my Bridegroom and i will be your perfect bride.

  2. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Thank God,feel happy,waiting to attend this wednesday prayer meeting,pray for the sick,seek God healing,ask in the name of our Lord Jesus,give praise,glory,power,grace to the King of kings,Lord of lords,God of gods,creator of the universe,amen

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      need God protection and help to attend the next prayer meeting,pray according God’s will but not my way,humble me,give thanks,praise,power to the heavenly Father who is over all,through all and in all,pray in the name of JESUS,amen

  3. Uche
    Uche says:

    LORD,you are the sweetest friend i have ever known,without you,i am nothing and i have no reason to live. Many kisses to you!!

  4. grace
    grace says:

    Lord, thank you for being in my life. I wouldn’t have this wisdom, understanding, patience and a heart full of love, all because of you Lord Jesus. Whenever I’m afraid Lord and burdened with all struggles in life, i still choose Lord to trust and believe in you Lord. Again, Thank you for everything. In Jesus name my Lord and my savior. AMEN.

  5. P.K. Alex Sagayaraj
    P.K. Alex Sagayaraj says:

    Lord , I would fail in my duty if i am not greateful to you for having created me in your image and given me the vocation that i have thought about it and i am most greatful for helping me to accept myself as myself for that is what many people grumble about these days…….. I love you my dear friend……….

  6. NeSsiE
    NeSsiE says:

    Heavenly Father,
    Thank You for loving me so much. You are the greatest blessing in my life. There is no else but You in my life that I truly love the most. You are my first Love. Thank You for it is You who loved me first. You are the reason my heart beats and You are my breathe of life. I stand in awe of Your Beauty. No words could ever compare to the magnificent of You. I love You Lord. You gave me life and brought me to Light when I was in darkness. Everything that i need and want is in You alone. I cannot wait to spend eternity in Your warm embrace. I love You with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. You are my commitment. I love You so much. More than words could ever say. Amen.

  7. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Lord God almighty protect and guild us through and flow this prayer meeting on april 2014,also hear our prayer not to our will but according to your will,in the name of Lord Jesus we ask,amen

  8. hasi0810
    hasi0810 says:

    Dear God, I thank you for everything you have given me until today. The good times and even bad times have helped me grow and also has helped me understand you. But yet I feel like right now my world is falling apart. I feel like nothing I do is right. And I feel like such a failure and I have failed you and everyone I know. I also feel like I don’t fit in with anyone anymore, it was pretty easy to make friends but now it’s like everything is falling apart. I need your guidence more than ever during this time. Lots of love, your daughter

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      Have share with a Christian in work place,his wife good friend went missing,pray for God’s protection and may she be found,her mother willing accept her to be a Christian and will not forcing her to idol worship again,also resume financial support to her daughter,,ask and pray in the name of Jesus,amen.

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      Christian in work place refuse to seek Pastor help to converse with the mother,who refuse daughter be a Christian.Have ask him for the particular of the daughter but he seem unwilling due to negative response from the mother,pray in the name of Jesus,the Christian will be able to overcome difficulties to help the daughter continue the Christian run

    • Terrence Simon
      Terrence Simon says:

      Failure is temporary so don’t worry about your failure look forward and start moving ahead where our lord waiting for you

      Keep praying

      God bless you Sister

  9. Terrence Simon
    Terrence Simon says:

    Dear Father,

    Thank you for keeping me alive even though I’m a sinner.

    Be with me Lord and guide my way, even though my roads where broken still, I will go with it because you there for me.

    Thanking you lord for saving everyone be with us and guide us until we pass away from this world.


  10. Ms.Bailey
    Ms.Bailey says:

    You said u wouldn’t never leave u or forsaken u .I will never leave u because u have renewed my life for eternal.I love u with all my heart.Thank u for forgiving me for my sin.I’m so grateful.

  11. Atara
    Atara says:

    Thank You, Lord, for all You’ve done for me,
    All I can do is ‘Obey You’
    For, if I love You, I will obey your commands.
    Thank You for everything

  12. alice
    alice says:

    dear Dad,
    i hereby say thankyou My Lord,
    You loved me even before the start of time,
    You choose me even before i was born,
    I am greatful Daddy,
    I will forever love You,
    I will forever worship You My Lord..
    I will sing praises to You oh Lord,
    coz forever You will be My God

  13. Tabitha
    Tabitha says:

    Thank you Lord, for loving me when i was so unworthy. For being there when i had nobody. For just being you, watching over each and every step i take way before i even thought to ask you.

    Thank you for keeping me alive and totally unharmed , “not a single hair will be harmed” for giving me peace and answering my prayers over the past weeks as i took on the new journey.

    I love you Daddy God.

  14. Rosemary Wangari
    Rosemary Wangari says:

    Dear God,
    Thank you so much for always walking with me. You always remind me that I am never alone that You are with me. You always brighten my days and during tough times You are always my comfort. You understand me better than anyone else. You correct me with love when I lose direction. You always see a better me and You always encourage me never to give up. I love you God so much and I know You love me more.


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