When God seems silent

Title: When God seems silent
Artwork by: 
YMI X Wei (@alifepast25) X Kate (@thequirkate)
Description: “Hello darkness, my old friend.” Seasons when God seems silent are painful times to go through, and can seem a lot like the darkness that lingers beyond the night. Most of us have encountered such seasons at least once in our lifetime. And when we’re in the thick of it, the silence can seem endless and discouraging. How can we continue to cling on to God and seek His voice through every high and low? Let’s turn to the Psalms to find out how we can cope.


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  1. Alvian
    Alvian says:

    God is with us all the time, even when He “seemed” not there, we can still be sensitive to His words, or His “sign”. Be with God always, and walk with faith always. God bless you.


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