Ox-picious Blessings That Last Beyond The ‘Niu’ Year

Title: Ox-picious Blessings That Last Beyond The ‘Niu’ Year
Artwork by: 
YMI X @ohmilknhoney
Description: Charge into the niu year filled with God’s goodness, grace, and mercy! The niu year may bring with it niu challenges, but His mercies are niu every morning and a little faith can moo-ve mountains. 

But don’t moo-ve too hard in your own strength. Every now and then, remember to rest in His im-moo-veable love and graze in His bovine-tiful (bountiful) blessings, knowing you are seen and herd by Him.

Wishing you an ox-picious and moo-vellous Lunar New Year! 🐄


P.S No apologies for milking the puns.


Ox carrying a log in a field with sun at the back oxpicious blessings that last beyond the niu year


Mountain with eyes and cow on the peak whatever the road ahead, faith can moo-ve mountains


Milk carton walking our lengendary God will see us through this legen-dairy year


Oxens holding heart together in sky ox and we will receive, seek and we will find


Oxen in fields with sun shining we are seen and heard by Him


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  1. J s h ong
    J s h ong says:

    Thks for allowing me to forward your mooving msg during this Niu Year as the world battle Covid and authorities who have amoral stance.


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