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It’s not about having a Mary Martha Christmas

Title: It’s Not About Having a Mary Martha Christmas
Artwork by: YMI X @kahayka
Description: Christmas has crept up on us. And there’s just so jolly much to do.

It is a special time filled with lots of things we love and look forward to such as gathering with friends, gift exchanges, Christmas carols, outreach events—the list goes on. But all these require prep work, so here we are rushing from one task to another, and before we know it, we’re tired and flustered from it all. 

Most of us would have been trained or conditioned to be like Martha this season, but there are some important things we can learn from Mary this Christmas—to focus our attention on the most important person in the room, Jesus. To sit by His feet, listen to Him, and hand over our worries and anxieties.

Being Martha or Mary isn’t about doing everything or not doing anything. It’s about the condition of our hearts, and how much we treasure the true Gift of Christmas.


image of martha and mary outside their house


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image of mary listening to Jesus


image of mary and martha seeking Jesus' attention


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