YMI Devo March 30

Only Human?

Read: Genesis 3:1-12
God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God (Genesis 3:5).

When I visit my nieces and nephews, my two-year-old niece almost always (after handing me several “blankies” and stuffed animals to make her stay comfortable) stretches out her arms to be held. Like any proud auntie, I’m happy to oblige.

Precious moments like these remind me of the kind of life God intends for us. Unlike many adults who pride themselves in a façade of independence, children aren’t naturally self-conscious about their dependence on others. They love being picked up and held, one of the many joys of being small. It’s hard not to wonder what tragedies lead so many of us to become very different by adulthood—self-protective and fearful of depending on anyone else.

Similarly, Adam and Eve once experienced only joy in being creatures dependent on God and each other—until the tempter introduced them to the poisonous idea that freedom is found in independence from God (Genesis 3:6). Once that lie took root, it wreaked endless havoc and heartbreak. Instead of resting in their relationships with God and each other, people learned to be ashamed of how they were created (Genesis 3:10) and mistrustful of each other (Genesis 3:12). Soon after, relationships degenerated into murderous competitiveness (Genesis 4:8).

Thankfully, our story doesn’t end there. Scripture describes God lovingly undertaking the agonizingly slow process of wooing human hearts back into relationship, teaching them that true freedom is found in simply being a human being dearly loved by God (John 17:23). In taking on human nature in Jesus, God established once and for all that it’s good to be human. Through Him, we come to understand that resting in God is the way to experience a life more fulfilling than we can imagine (John 10:10).

Taken from “Our Daily Journey”