I grew up in a creative family in the Netherlands, and so art has always been a part of me. While studying Arts & Economics in my university years, I knew that I wanted to make and manage art – that’s how Sunflower Sunshine was born! During my time away…More


Being creative is something I am passionate about and seems to bring out the best in me. When I first started calligraphy and lettering I found myself spending hours designing in the little spare bedroom of our condo. It wasn’t until after a few projects…More


Ever since I was a kid, I was into the arts. I used to write my notes in different handwriting styles when I was in elementary and high school. For some reason, I stopped doing calligraphy when I reached college, but I rediscovered my love for the arts…More


I’m a hand lettering artist – partly because of a desire to create beautiful things but more importantly because they have the potential to encourage people – people tell me I’ve made a difference to them. These motivations spur me create hand lettered…More


I started to become more serious and interested in photography just about a year ago. As I bask in God’s awesome creation, nature inspires me and makes me want to capture its beauty. I do what I do because it is my passion and…More


I go by the name “The Maker Jess” as I’m inspired by the maker of all things, God Himself – the reason and source of my inspiration. I am a graphic designer, part time photographer, and hand-letterer. I enjoy creating art…More


Visual artist by passion and profession. A big fan of natural beauty. I was born a doodler. I loved to doodle on practically anything in the house. So my parents decided one day to help me—and the house—by signing me upfor various drawing competitions…More


I draw, poke and cut things. I guess drawing, or creating things (be it embroidery or paper cut outs), has just always been a medium that spoke to me to express myself when I cannot find the right words to say. It is also a means…More


I’m an introvert who often laughs too loudly and gets moved to tears too quickly. When I’m not indulging in food or sleep, I am scribbling away, carving rubber stamps or creating a (artistic) mess at my home workspace. To me, the arts is a platform through…More


I’m a freelance textiles designer and illustrator. I took fashion textiles in my college years as I wanted to learn the skills of textiles making, so that I can pass it on to the women and children I’ll meet in future mission trips. I love all things traditional as that was how…More


Full-time Young Adults Ministry church worker, part-time letterer. I’ve always enjoyed writing from young, in fact, one of my silly hobbies was pretending to take on different personas by writing with varying handwriting styles…More


I believe every creative process is an act of worship. Through creating, we reflect the beauty and nature of Christ, the ultimate Creator and Artist. My work is a visual representation of my thoughts and meditations…More


Full time servant of the Lord and nurse by profession. Expressing my creative side through typography not only reveals a vital part of me but more importantly, enables me to bring Christ’s reality to everybody. I believe that His words are very…More

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