Nico N

I am a Filipino freelance web and graphic designer; I recently started my own brand of wallets, Rocca Wallet.

Ever since I was a kid, I was into the arts. I used to write my notes in different handwriting styles when I was in elementary and high school. For some reason, I stopped doing calligraphy when I reached college, but I rediscovered my love for the arts a few years ago after seeing how different Christian artists use it to honor God and to share His Word to others.

One of my greatest challenges is to keep coming up with something new, different, and better all the time. But I’m learning that I don’t have to keep proving to myself and to others that I am a creative and innovative person. I am not here to make myself appear great, but to glorify God with the works of my hand and to make Him known to others. All I have to do is to take the focus away from myself and to direct it to God.

I hope to inspire others to use their God-given talents and skills for His glory, like how other Christian artists have inspired me.