Why do we do the things that we do?

Share with us how God has led you to your path or shine the spotlight on someone you know with an inspiring story. #FORTHISREASON

Jessica Tanoesoedibjo: Why I Donate My Birthdays Away

Jan 31, 2020/by Contributor

Daniel Hamlin: Finding Purpose beyond the Waves

Dec 16, 2019/by YMI

Lisa Anderson: Creating A Safe Space for Teen Moms

Dec 6, 2019/by Michele Ong

Abraham and Cheng Yu: We Invited the Homeless to Our Wedding

Nov 13, 2019/by Contributor

Andrew Hui: I’m 32 and I’m Dying

Aug 29, 2019/by Contributor

Tom Nearing: Into the Light

Jun 14, 2019/by YMI

Heidy Quah: Giving Up University to Serve Refugees

Nov 16, 2018/by YMI

Thompson: Why Am I Battling Depression?

Nov 12, 2018/by YMI

Ken and Addy: Sharing Home with Complete Strangers

Jul 27, 2018/by Andrew Koay

Zakaria Zhou: From Drug Dealer to Gospel Bearer

Jun 29, 2018/by Contributor

Xempt: A New Name And New Lease On Life

Feb 23, 2018/by Caleb Young

Hannah Yeoh: Becoming Malaysia’s First Woman Speaker

Jan 18, 2018/by Contributor

Craig Greenfield: Family in the slums and urban fringes

Dec 8, 2017/by Contributor

Jonathan Hayashi: Gangster Turned Pastor

Nov 10, 2017/by Constance Goh

Propaganda: Music is an Outpouring of My Heart

Sep 8, 2017/by Contributor

James Fazio: Changing Lives after a Near Death Experience

Aug 25, 2017/by Michele Ong

Cassandra Kanda: Rocking Christian Music

Jul 26, 2017/by Contributor

Ivan David Ng: Displaying Love and Art Amid Hostility

Jul 7, 2017/by Constance Goh

Ming Yue: Behind the Goofy YouTuber

Jun 29, 2017/by Constance Goh

Janelle: Facing Pain with a Pen

Jun 9, 2017/by Contributor

Amy Peterson: The Banished Missionary

Apr 25, 2017/by Constance Goh

Paul Wong: Hotshot Lawyer to Devoted Campus Pastor

Mar 3, 2017/by Contributor

George Moss: Rapping and Dressing to Be a Blessing

Feb 10, 2017/by Contributor

Eugene Wee: To Reach the Poor, He became Poor

Jan 6, 2017/by Contributor

Karen Lietz: Being a Third Culture Kid

Mar 14, 2016/by Joanna Hor

Meet Jordan Wei : The Pop Star Pianist

Jan 14, 2016/by YMI

Artist Galih Suseno: Why Am I Painting

Dec 7, 2015/by YMI

Pam, Wex and Rachel: Planning Picnics for Complete Strangers

Nov 19, 2015/by Wendy Wong

Beacon Light: Where Gospel Meets Hip Hop

Sep 25, 2015/by Contributor

Djae Outlaw: Putting the Focus on Him

Aug 6, 2015/by Joanna Hor

5 Minutes with Singer-songwriter: Dominick Cox

Jun 22, 2015/by YMI

Esther Ang: How She left it all behind

May 14, 2015/by Joanna Hor

5 Minutes with the Illustrator: Marie Toh

Apr 4, 2015/by YMI

Jonathan Kiew: From Youth-at-risk to Youth Worker

Feb 17, 2015/by Joanna Hor

The Man Behind “David and Goliath” Comic

Jan 17, 2015/by Joanna Hor

Singer-Songwriter Alarice Tay: Music expresses my worship

Jul 25, 2014/by YMI

Singer-songwriter Andy Phillip: Sharing my faith through songs

Oct 22, 2013/by YMI

CTI Summer Team 2013: Servants First, Musicians Second

Sep 5, 2013/by YMI

Team Xtreme: Strength To Glorify God

Aug 14, 2013/by YMI

Youtuber Twins: In Tune with God’s Will

Jul 24, 2013/by YMI

Dr Ajith Fernando: Highs and Lows of Youth Ministry

Jan 11, 2013/by YMI

Jesse L: My Journey to Faith

Jul 30, 2012/by YMI

ABODA: One Family Devoted to Worshiping God

Aug 24, 2011/by Contributor

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Faith: Music to connect with others

Jul 19, 2011/by YMI


Aug 24, 2010/by YMI
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