How should a Christian Respond to
Anxiety and Depression?

Everywhere we look, anxiety and depression seem to be creeping in to every stratum of society. Within the church however, the subject seems to be often left unspoken about. And yet there are so many questions that a follower of Christ can face when dealing with anxiety and depression. How do we handle the idea of God’s sovereignty when anxiety and depression feels so crippling? Am I really not a Christian if I’m suffering from depression or anxiety and am not feeling joyful? In the depth of our depression or in the strongest grip of our anxiety, how can we know that Christ is enough when we feel the total opposite?

Listen in to a special YMI podcast as YMI host James Burke sits down and has a chat with Thinking Faith speaker Max Jeganathan about their personal experiences with anxiety and depression as well as answering some common questions that Christians may have.

Listen to the full podcast.

[audio:Max Jeganathan – How Should a Christian Respond to Anxiety and Depression.mp3]