• YMI's Content Approach

We’re glad you’re interested in contributing or collaborating with YMI! We hope this information brings clarity to some of the questions you might have.

Publishing Guidelines

Upon giving approval to publish the final version of the article/artwork, you agree to give YMI exclusive rights to the final version of the article/art project, to be used, republished as well as posted on other YMI language sites (Ya-mi, WarungSateKamu and Mustard Seed) and other websites under the Our Daily Bread Ministries’ brand at any future date.  Note that all copy and publishing rights of the original version of the content, in the form it was first submitted, belong with the contributor. YMI only holds rights to the final version, which has been shaped and influenced by the YMI team.

By approving the final version of your article/artwork to be published, you also agree that the timing, manner, categorization, tagging, titling, description, and general representation of your content, including associated images, is at our full discretion.

Individuals are free to republish the content on their own platform, with the request that YMI is credited with a line that says, “This article/project was originally published on www.ymi.today (or at original URL). Republished with permission.” YMI is also open to republishing requests from other organizations or news agencies. Those inquiries should be directed to contribute@ymi.today, and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


YMI exists because of our generous pool of volunteer contributors, and we do not offer monetary compensation for submissions.

By submitting, developing, and eventually publishing your article/artwork with YMI, you are acknowledging and consenting to the above information.

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