Get Involved


YMI’s articles reach readers from around the globe. Our top five countries are the USA, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia.

But our work cannot be carried out without contributors. And this is where you come in!

We rely on volunteers to contribute their talents to inspire our readers. Whether it’s writing, creating art, or making videos, your work has the power to impact someone’s life.

 YMI desires to be a global ministry committed to building a team of volunteers from diverse cultures and backgrounds who embrace Christ and His principles. We believe in the beauty of diversity in the body of Christ, and look forward to the opportunities for growth and development that it brings.


Ready to get on board? Here are some guidelines to get you started!

Topics to explore: Devotions, spiritual discipline, prayer life, worship, baptism, sin, spiritual gifts, basic Christian doctrines, rebuilding foundations of the faith, starting right, intimacy with God,    finding security and strength in Christ, experiencing the depths of God’s love, strengthening our faith, growing in discernment, overflowing with thankfulness, spiritual growth, romantic relationships, questions about the faith, apologetics, doubt, fellowship, worship, tithing, miracles

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