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Your Covid-19 Care Package!

Restrictions might be easing up, but that doesn’t mean this ‘care package’ is to be archived in your browser!

Finally, the smell of freedom as Covid-19 restrictions ease up, and we venture out to meet up with friends and family, drop by our favorite coffee houses, or for some of us, that mad dash to have our eyebrows groomed or our glorious manes chopped off. 

As we prepare to embrace a “new normal” life post-Covid-19, we hope you’ve benefited from this ‘care package’ over the last few months, and have enjoyed the different articles, Spotify playlists, and the sticker packs available. 

We’ll be refreshing this page with more resources, so stop by this page anytime to check them out or peruse any old favorites (you know what they say, an oldie but a goodie) you might have here 🙂

Set Your Focus Right

Social distancing. Lockdowns. Travel restrictions. New normal. Covid-19. The past two years have shown us how helpless we truly are, but also revealed a silver lining—the most challenging of times can sometimes bring out the best in us.

Here are four practical ways we can show love to our neighbours and loyalty to God (and excellent examples of those who have done so).

The start of this new decade may not have panned out the way we hoped it would, but that doesn’t mean 2020 has been a waste. All those cancelled plans, hopes, and dreams might have made us feel like we didn’t achieve anything noteworthy, but if we carefully took stock of the many different things we’ve done this year, we would see just how much we have accomplished.

Alas, the arrival of COVID-19 has changed the way we work and interact with our workmates. And for some of us, we haven’t physically met with our workmates for almost half a year now. Here are a few tips on how we can strengthen our ties with our workmates:

Time in lockdown has been unexpectedly fruitful for some of us. Many of us have sought out new hobbies or cultivated new habits that we probably wouldn’t have even thought of  in our pre-Covid-19 days.

It took a while to get used to the “new normal,” but we did what we had to do, and settled into new rhythms. But here are five verses that can help us as we prepare for another “new normal.”

There are also other hidden “frontliners” such as cleaners, rubbish collectors, and hotel staffers, to name a few, who are slogging away quietly, and they too deserve our appreciation.

Feeling helpless about Covid-19? Tired of forwarding bleak reports and messages to your friends each day? Worried about how the pandemic has been affecting your friends and family members? We’ve just the cure!

It’s tempting to slack and cut corners when no one is watching. How do we honor what Scripture says in Colossians 3:23, while maintaining a healthy work-life-balance at home?

We all have a tendency to hoard things for self-preservation, or even just for a sense of security. What if we take a step back and consider what are the real treasures we should be stockpiling in our lives?

Are the effects of social distancing starting to wear you down?

We’ve compiled some tips to help you not only survive this time, but come out even stronger on the other side.

There just seems to be no escaping Covid-19! While we can’t avoid being bombarded with information about Covid-19, every once in a while, we need a little breather to refresh our souls. Here are 7 simple suggestions that may help.

Every morning, let’s remember God’s love, faithfulness, and sovereignty, that gives us every reason not to be afraid.

It’s only by clinging to Him by faith, that we can trade our fears for peace.

It’s easy to be caught up in this current climate of fear, but before we grab that last pack of toilet paper, let’s remind ourselves of the true essentials of our lives. This will see us ride out Covid-19 with confidence and hope.

Being trapped at home during isolation is rough, and many of you are eagerly waiting for restrictions to ease. Hang in there, we’re almost there!

In the meantime, here’s a video compilation of the activities others have been up to over the last few weeks to stave off the doldrums and keep you occupied till the next set of announcements!

Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down all across the globe, but also given us the opportunity to experience and learn different things during the lockdown. As it turns out, life in lockdown has been pretty busy for many of us! In this short video, 24 millennials from around the globe share how Covid-19 has changed them over the past couple of months.

If you feel like you’re the only one trapped indoors, you’re not alone!

Hear from these 6 millennials in Australia, England, Italy, Malaysia, Scotland, and the US about how they’ve been coping with being on lockdown, and the different ways God’s Word has remained alive to them.

Stay Tuned To God

If music’s your thing, or you need help staying focused while working from home, why not tune in to this Spotify playlist, specially put together to help you tune out your fears and sink into God’s rest.

Lockdown days starting to feel the same? Jazz up your weekends with these familiar hymns that’ll fix our gaze on our Creator and His Sovereign plans for our world.

Stick Close to Community

Brighten up your Covid-19 convos or someone’s day with these stickers, specially designed to help you stick close to your friends in spite of the social distance!

Grow Together

Whether it’s building a friend up with a “praying for you” sticker or wishing someone a “happy birthday”, these everyday words have never looked more fun.

Need prayer during this uncertain time? Share your prayer requests with us! We want to pray for you.

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