“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” – Psalm 62:8. How do you respond when you experience loneliness? Who do you turn to?

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  1. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    I panic when I face loneliness. It’s those difficult moments when I feel as if no one cares. That’s when I really realize that there is no one who can comfort you and me like God.

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      Amen,you are right,praise HiM,play musical instrument to honor HIM.

  2. Noadia
    Noadia says:

    And sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who struggles to feel accepted and cared for. Thank you for the encouragment.

  3. Meng Keat
    Meng Keat says:

    For my perspective , i think everybody will felt lonely when you are apart from your family , friends and etc , this type of loneliness bring us fear especially when we are in other state or country , things that we are not familiar or aware of , it consider out of our comfort zone , but we always remember that we have such a loving heavenly father , that he will send an angels to our life , that angels could be our friend and just there for us .

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      Thank GOD,starts ojt on monday to wednesday,may our God protect from head to toes,in and out,through and flow day by day,time by time,forgive our sin,may your grace,mercy be with us all the time,we give praise,glory,all to our Lord creator of the universe,He is our hope,our glory,our shield,our needs,our life,our deliverence,pray in the name of Lord Jesus,amen.

  4. Nishan
    Nishan says:

    Well..I have my own Praise songs that keep me going at times of loneliness..e.g The Desert Song..

    I will bring praise
    No weapon formed against me shall remain
    I will rejoice
    I will declare
    God is my victory and He is here 🙂

  5. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Hymms:Because He Lives,lyrics mention about end battle need to fight,very beautiful tune.recommend for to praise God.
    Work place colleagues only 1 same race,he is on night shift,just resign yesterday(24 hours notice),feel sad unable to help him to stay,location is good,lots of food stalls to choose,he need God’s protection to walk through the path God’s want us to be,hope to share gospel with him if meet again,GOD BLESS

  6. Grace
    Grace says:

    Loneliness..It’s as if no one cares about me at all.. The time where I feel all alone and I have no one to talk to. Everytime this happens, I know God is always there to listen to me 🙂 So, I pray to God and tell Him all my worries and struggles. Sometimes, I would just pick up my guitar and sing praises to Him. It makes me feel calm and happy 🙂

    • min xiong
      min xiong says:

      Thank GOD,have learn ukelele,free lesson taught by Church staff,also thank GOD’s creation,enjoy the food,drink and healthy lifestyle,although Tv at home is not working(thinking to buy one at used shop,much cheaper for smaller size) in normal condition,still able to get news by reading paper.thank GOD,let me sleep after playing hymms with ukelele,would like to know more about u,Grace,hope to be friend with u,God bless.

  7. Vani Simeon
    Vani Simeon says:

    I cry. Then, I think of the moments I shared with the people I love, who also loves me back. Afterwards, I talk to God and cry to Him and read His words. And then, I send greetings to the people who I miss.

    It is just right to stay close to people who loves you when you feel down and lonely.


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