ODB: The Great Creator-Healer

February 15, 2014

READ: Psalm 139:1-16 

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. —Psalm 139:14

A few years ago, I had a rather serious skiing accident and severely tore the muscles in one of my legs. In fact, my doctor told me that the tear caused excessive bleeding. The healing process was slow, but during that time of waiting I found myself in awe of our great Creator (see Col. 1:16).

I’ve wrinkled a few car fenders in my lifetime and dropped more than one dish. They’ve always stayed broken. Not so with my leg. As soon as the tearing of my muscles occurred, the internal healing mechanisms that Christ created in my body went to work. Invisibly, down deep in my throbbing leg, the medics of His marvelous design were mending the tear. Before long, I was up and running again with a whole new sense of what the psalmist meant when he said that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and my heart was filled with praise (Ps. 139:14).

Sometimes it takes something like an injury or a sickness to remind us of the masterful design that we carry around in our bodies. So the next time you face an unwanted interruption—no matter its cause—focus your attention on Jesus’ wonderful love and let Him lift your heart to grateful worship in the midst of the pain!

— Joe Stowell

Lord, help us to see beyond the moments of our lives and
to delve deeply into Your marvelous handiwork and perfect
design. Forgive us for our short-sightedness and
teach us to see You in every circumstance.

Worship of the masterful Creator begins with a grateful heart.

Source: Our Daily Bread