The Obama Video You Just Have to Watch

Breaking news: US President Obama is just like one of us after all.

ICYMI, a recent humorous buzzfeed video shows the US President wielding a selfie stick and uttering the infamous “YOLO” acronym, all in a bid to encourage US citizens to sign up for healthcare insurance. It wouldn’t have garnered 23 million views in the first 24 hours if not for the fact that it was the leader of state caught doing such “silly” things (apparently some have criticized him for doing this because they felt it was “demeaning” and it “[degraded] the presidency”).

Now, obviously there are “normal things” President Obama does in a day that we may not be privy to (at least we know the selfie bit is accurate)—he is afterall, human. But should stature and position in life be the main considerations behind how we behave on a day-to-day basis? Do we pull our act together only when our lives are being scrutinized by others? Can we truly say that how we behave at public settings is exactly the same way we are in the private spaces of our homes? What dictates the way we behave ultimately?

The video ends with President Obama being caught in the act (by an unidentified man) performing an air jump shot followed by a fist pump as a celebratory gesture. He then looks at the man and says, “Can I live?” If like President Obama, someone catches us in the middle of something and we can reply the same (with full assurance that what we’re doing is pleasing and glorifying to God), then I daresay, carry on.



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